Sunday, May 1, 2011

Which Sales Person Are You?

Yesterday as my husband and I were car shopping we had two very distinct experiences.  One sales guy, Paul, was relaxed, listened to us and whenever he didn't have an answer to a question he told us who he would ask for the answer.  He followed through on our questions, made himself available, and seemed genuinely excited to work with us.  Another sales guy, Josh, was new, very eager, asked many questions but did not listen to the answers.  He repeated himself, kept asking us whether we wanted to upgrade and didn't show us the product we wanted to look at.  He had the cheaper price, but also the cheaper pitch.

In the end, who do you think we went with?

As teachers we often are in such a hurry to make sure our students know everything they possibly can that we sometimes forget to listen.  We sometimes forget to admit we don't know an answer.  We sometimes forget to take our time.  But we have to.  The experience of our students depend on us, so who do you want to be like?


Royan Lee said...

Patience is the most important missing element in our schools.

Business Management Courses said...
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