Thursday, May 26, 2011

We End the Year

As students count down and yet feel so guilty for wishing for the summer sun, we push on, aware that every moment is one moment less that we get to be this group.  That we get to have this experience.  That this moment is done now too.  And we celebrate, and we reminisce, and then we worry because what comes next?  Will these students be ok in the next year?  Did I teach them everything I wanted to?  Did they understand my words?  Our goals?  Did they make this their own?

We end the year the way it began; eager, anxious, pondering what comes next?  We end the year the way it began; wondering where to now, what challenges shall we undertake, who will be our friends?  A year has passed, the goals been met - or have they - and constantly we ask ourselves; now what, now what, now what?



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