Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rain Puddles

Today, freshly picked up from daycare, my two year old Thea ran out out of the car and into the nearest puddle.  Free from inhibitions, my husband blames this on me, she jumped and jumped until her pants were soaked.  Thinking nothing of this minor obstacle, she quickly sat down in the puddle, took her sandals off, then her pants, and then her diaper for good measure.  As I stood there watching her so uninhibited enjoying the freshly made rain puddles, I quieted the voice in my head that told me to get her inside.  That voice that warned me of germs, and colds, and what will the neighbors think.  And so there she sat in her puddle, by then eating a popsicle she had begged for and she said "swimming mommy, I swimming."  In her head this puddle was the biggest swimming pool she could have ever asked for.  In her head life at that very moment offered her everything that she wanted; no clothes, water, and a delicious treat.

So I let her play and was once again reminded that it is okay to back off.  It is ok to not reprimand or remind of the rules. It is even okay to sit with your butt in a rain puddle if it happens to be the perfect day for that.  Thea will be just fine.


Buy Essay said...

Very interesting post but children are more prone to diseases in such a tender age.

Miss Cheska said...

Thanks for sharing this! I agree with you on the idea that sometimes we just need to let kids be kids.

These past three months I've had the great opportunity to work with toddlers (2yos), and coming from teaching middle school and high school, it's been a BIG learning curve.

One of my biggest lessons is that I have to let them be kids, because that's what they are! That means refraining from reprimanding them for creating messes and occasionally getting into trouble. That's how they learn about themselves, each other, and their environment.

When I get frustrated, I remind myself that I want to encourage their learning and I can't do that if I'm always telling them, "No, you can't do this or that because [x,y,z]."

Mrs Ripp aka 4thGrdTeach said...

Miss cheeks, this is exactly why I wrote this post; to remind myself that Thea is just a child whom rules are already imposed on everysingle day. This moment was for her to just be free, to experience the sensationsof the world, something we all should allow ourselves to do once in a while.


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