Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Have You Thanked a Parent Lately?

This week as I bask in the adoration that is teacher appreciation week at my school, I am often reminded of just how much people care and what an incredible feeling that is.  However, I am also reminded of how I am not alone in this adventure of teaching, how my decisions and ideas only can go so far without the support of parents.  So I think it is time we introduce parent appreciation into our schools.

I appreciate the parents of my students in oh so many ways.  They are the first to tell when their child loved a lesson we have done and also the first to tell me ever so gently that perhaps that lesson just didn't make much sense.  For your feedback and honesty; thank you.

I appreciate the parents that take all of the time.  We know that parenting is a full-time job, even when your child is in school, so thank you to those that drop off the forgotten gym shoes, permission slips, or lunches. Thank you to those that plan and prepare the extra events.  Thank you to those that donate time, energy, supplies to our ever-involving ideas.  And thank you to those that support, whether in person or through thoughts.  I feel the involvement and I do not take it for granted.

I appreciate those parents that dare to speak up.  That tell me when something is going amiss or when an injustice has happened.  Thank you to those that push me to become better, more, deeper and aren't just alright with stale teaching.  Thank you also to those that believe that we can always improve and trust me to come up with new ways to reach their child, whether it is in familiar territory or not.

So truly, this is not about the what happens in the classroom, but what happens in the community we build up around these incredible students.  I am not alone in this nor do I ever want to be.  The parents are the ones that help a school year become an incredible one.  The parents are the ones that help me excel.  Thank you for placing your faith in me as an educator and caretaker of your child.  Thank you for believing that I am a good fit for your child and that my abilities will help your child achieve greatness. Thank you for trusting me.   Without you this would not be the incredible journey it is.


Royan Lee said...

Too often we look at parents as a necessary evil in our b. As though they are obstacles that get in the way. Like you, I've seen the power of leveraging the enormous power they hold in the learning relationship. Thanks for the reminder.

Kevin Dengel said...

The district where my mother and aunt work could definitely use this 'Parent Appreciation" week to help many of their parents become more involved in their child's education. Their PTO has four people... it's tragic.

I'm am going to begin thanking parents more frequently.

Mrs Ripp aka 4thGrdTeach said...

I think we all need to thank the parents as well. We are so quick to say it is their fault when a child underperforms but never turn that round to give them the much deserved credit. Just like the tide of teacher bashing has to tuen, so does parent bashing. They also have their best intesrest of their child in mind, we must be united. Thank you. Oth for your comments.


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