Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Those Things We Carry

The shuffled movement, the slight look possibly from the left, a small gesture to be noticed. "Ummm, Mrs. Ripp can I have lunch with you?". Oh shoot, there goes that extra prep, but yes, absolutely yes, let's have lunch. Over food the words come tumbling like a bottle with it's cork pulled. Didn't even have to ask a question, they just spill out and out, away from this student, this trusting student that needs someone to carry the weight of the world with them. It is not new, not shocking, but every day life, every day fears, every day needs of wanting bigger, better, more. And yet here, it means the world.

We carry those words.

Another morning, a moment, a need for a hug and then a drawing shown. "Do you think I can make it, Mrs. Ripp?." "Of course, you can, just dream and work toward it," is what I say but what I think tells more. Work hard, little child, don't believe those people who will try to steal your dream. Don't believe those people that tell you you are not smart, that you will not amount to anything. Don't listen when they make you angry, or when they make you cry. Dream, dream on, dream strong.

We carry those dreams.

At the end of the day, a mad rush, backpacks on, cubbies emptied, and one last "Thank you for coming." I mean it too, thank you for being here, for sharing your day with me. For sticking with me when my voice got tired, or my explanation made no sense. For listening when I should have been quiet, for raising your hand patiently and waiting your turn even though you were really, really excited. Thank you for laughing, for thinking, for creating, and trying. Thank you for believing and caring, for trusting and loving, because that's what it is; trust and love and hope and hard work, every single day.

They carry those teachers; us.


Wm Chamberlain said...

Simply beautiful.

photomatt7 said...

Like I've said a million times before, our students need more Mrs. Ripps!

Eric Johnson said...

A wonderful post that captures some of the magic that happen in classrooms everyday. Simple things make a difference. Thanks for making a difference.

Sue Downing said...

As I read your beautiful post, I was reminded of a plaque I received recently. To the world, you may be just somebody. But to somebody, you just might be the World. Keep changing those lives!

Justin Stortz said...

Beautiful and true. I love your insights!

- @newfirewithin

Mr. Macdonald said...

At your best. Beautifully written. Often I find others being able to say what I see and feel. I appreciate you for your willing to speak with your heart.

kilgosclass said...

Wonderfully written.

tbraith said...

Wow! Beautifully said. You are an inspiration to so many!


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