Monday, March 14, 2011

So We Breathe

We work hard in my room each and every day.  The students know that to be in a limited homework classroom, they are on the minute they get to school until they leave.  The pressure is on to stay on top of the learning, to be involved, and to grow, grow, grow.  So this week as we finished our dream project, as we inch closer to break, we breathe.  We release, we relax, and we rejuvenate.

As an educator I push my students, I make them reach for the things they are not sure they can touch, that is after all why I am there.  And yet you cannot continue to push kids to their utmost, day in, day out.  And so we breathe, we release, relax, refocus.

Academic rigor still stands, standards must be met, projects must be completed.  Yet our brains slow down, attempt to reconfigure all of this information.  We rewire our thoughts, we charge our spirits and we breathe.


Miss Leslie said...

Hi Mrs. Ripp. You must do a lot of breathing, being a 4th grade teacher. :) As a music teacher, I taught K-12, and I found 4th grade to be the turning point in elementary school. They were so different from 3rd grade! I enjoyed your post.

Wishing you a song in your heart,
Miss Leslie @ Music with Miss

Trevor J. Collazo said...

Reminds me of our time with Kevin Washburn in January (@kdwashburn). Something all of our teachers grabbed on to was the research showing that attention only lasts plus-or-minus two minutes of the age of the student. So a 4th grader needs to stop, process, and reset every 12 minutes (or less). At that time, their brain will take an automatic break. So we should use it to our advantage rather than having them "zone out" on us...even if it is only for 90 seconds.


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