Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Do Not Manage

I am sick of the word "manage" as in "classroom management" or even better how do you "manage" your students?

Well, I don't manage them.  I teach them, guide them, and learn along with them.  I do not come to school intent on herding cattle but rather helping young minds develop their knowledge, as well as their desires to become more knowledgeable.  I do not manage my classroom, but instead I collaborate with students to set up perimeters for us to function at our best, be our best, and want to stay that way.  I do not manage their desires to learn or become better citizens; I nourish it, sometimes light it, but always, always maintain it.

I do not manage to get through my day, I flourish through it, loving the trials, the ups and downs, the wondrous moments that come with teaching.  I do not manage my life or my curriculum, I live it, love it, and will continue to push myself as a teacher, a human being.

I am not a manager, I am a teacher, and I would like to stay that way.


T.H. Ritual said...

I agree. And when all is said and done, students are ultimately responsible for managing themselves.

Anonymous said...

Well said!


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