Thursday, February 3, 2011

When the Day is Tough

No matter the noise, no matter the distractions, no matter how perhaps one lesson didn't go quite as expected. There is always something good to see, something wonderful to praise, and something that deserves to be recognized.

When the day has been rough and the kids have been tough, take the time to huddle. Take the time to relish the good moments because no matter what, they are there, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be remembered and shared.

So take a deep breath, gather them on the carpet, and ask them to share that one good thing from the day. Go around the circle, come back to those that need extra time, and then smile. Twenty-three golden moments all out in the open; the day couldn't have been that bad after all.


kilgosclass said...

Oh my goodness, were you spying on me? ;) When I had just about had all I could take, that is exactly what I did! Take a look:

Nancy C said...

Great advice...Sometimes WE need to just slow down and regroup!!!


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