Sunday, January 30, 2011

If You Give a Classroom Videos

If you give a classroom videos to watch, they may just ask for more.  And then when you play another one, they may start to discuss if it is true what the video purports.

As they discuss the message they ask to write that day's Op.Ed. on the topic and groan when you only give them 15 minutes to write.

When they start to write, you will notice there is furious scribbling and lots of staring.  Then you ask why they are staring and they tell you that they are thinking.  As they think, they come up with even better reasons for why there should be fun in education.

When the time is up, the most reluctant of writers eagerly raise their hand.  As they share, you notice, that other students are nodding in approval.  As they nod in approval, you see the speakers smile.

As the speakers smile, you notice the mood getting lifted and more students raise their hand to share.  As they continue to share, you realize just how much thought went into their writing and you get very, very proud.

When you realize how proud you are, you know this has to be shared with others, so you ask the students to please publish it in their kidblog.

The students cheer as they love to blog and as the cheers settle, one student raises their hand eager to ask a question.

If you let that student ask their question, they will ask if they may watch another video.  And if you let them watch another video, chances are they will want to watch another one after that.


Rebecca and Donna said...

Thanks! Your students are writing beautifully. Giving a writing topic that is real and that they care about makes a difference. What are some of your other OpEd topics?

Mike said...

Last year, I used snack time everyday to have a "morning meeting," where students shared current events, sports and special events in their own life. While I adored the level of camaraderie it created, I felt like I could have been using the time better (especially because my colleagues work right through snack time).

So this year I tried something new. 60 Minutes Monday, TED Talks Tuesday, Book News Wednesday, (we stick to morning meeting on Thurs.) and STEM Friday.

I couldn't be more impressed with my 4th graders enthusiasm and interest, especially when dealing with mature topics like gender roles, race, technology, etc.

I'd be very interested to hear what video's you're sharing with your class, as well as the resources you're using as sources.

Just stumbled across your blog. Thanks for the thoughtful work, I'll be a regular reader!


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