Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Ones that Wrote Themselves

Maybe you didn't see these or maybe you did, but these are the posts that wrote themselves.  The tear jerkers, the upsets, the ones that I had to write.

There could be many more but these are the ones I am grateful for writing.

  1. Stand Up if You are Average - Why we should never label students.
  2. Dear Beautiful Baby - An ode to the child that was not meant to be.
  3. Dear Arnold - When that student comes into our life.
  4. Rulebreaker - Why I chose no grades, no homework.
  5. We are Not Role Models - How I am not Superman, and nor do I want to be.


Mr. said...
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Mr. Poole said...

Thank you for putting these great posts in one place! I absolutely love the posts regarding your philosophies on grading and homework. We share the same thoughts. I was wondering if I would be able to share some of these posts with some of my colleagues? I tend to receive a lot of negative feedback when I tend to "go against the norm" so to speak. It is really nice how you lay out and explain some of these concepts!

P.S. Thank you so much for having some of your students enter my class contest in Room 101, they did great! The judges are now looking at all the entries to make their decisions!

Again, thank you for posting these great blog posts in one place, great idea!

Chuck (@cpoole27)


Mr. said...
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Mrs Ripp aka 4thGrdTeach said...

Hi Chuck, Absolutely. Please use whatever you want, I put it out there to help others make sense of this process. My kids loved your contest! They really had a great time with it and got so creative.
Thanks again,

Ann Bedichek Braden said...

What a great blog. I just read your piece on no grades and I couldn't agree more. And, as a fellow non-rule breaker as a child, I must admit that I think I might find some pleasure in working against the grading system. I taught middle school until last year, and my team got to be the pilot project in our district for standards based grading - not no grades, but on the way. I loved it and I don't think I could ever go back to letter grades. Have you read Rick Wormeli's Fair Isn't Always Equal? It's excellent.

Also, on another note, I am starting a collection of teacher's ratings of historical fiction for the classroom. If you have used a book that you have liked, I'd love it if you would add it to the site. Or if you know others who might be interested, pass the link along.



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