Monday, December 27, 2010

New Teacher Reform Symposium

I am humbled and honored to be among the amazing presenters scheduled for the upcoming New Teacher Reform Symposium.  And whilst the name may fool you, this is a don't miss event for all teachers, not just new ones.  This amazing free worldwide e.conference takes place on your computer Saturday, January 8th and Sunday the 9th depending on your location with 2 keynotes and 18 presenters.  You can see the schedule of events and the speaker list here.   There are even door prizes for participants, and I know my district lets me use it for professional development, so you may even be able to get that.

I will be speaking on creating a student-centered classroom, which has been my mission this year as a newish teacher.  So as any new teacher should do, I ask you, what advice should I make sure I pass on?  Here is your chance to be heard.

Join me and educators around the world as we learn from each other through this incredible opportunity.  As a participant in the last reform symposium, I can guarantee this is not an opportunity you want to miss!


Alfonso Gonzalez (educatoral) said...

Give examples of lessons or projects that you make student centered. I know I benefit from concrete examples. And keep it real, our days don't always go perfect even in a student centered classroom. What kinds of things have gone "wrong" and what do you do?

I find one fear that I have to let go of is the "time on task" fear that if my students aren't engaged in something or "working" that I'm doing them a disservice. How do you handle that?

I've been reading a lot about using student's passions but I've noticed that after years of compliance and doing what they're told students prompting or guidance to take charge of their own learning. Do you find that in 4th grade?


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