Saturday, September 11, 2010

No, I Didn't Survive the First Week of School

This week, I saw a few posts on blogs talking about how they survived the first week of school.  As some of you may know, this bothers me greatly.  I did not survive my first week, I thrived in it.  Some may call me relentlessly optimistic or just plain annoying but the truth is that I love my job.  I have been planning all summer for this first "real" week of school and it did not let me down.  So here is what I "survived" this week:
  • A student with autism who mostly speaks repetitive sentences telling me he loved me.
  • A student, who was in my 4th grade class last year, returning to be in my combination room this year after having been in 2 other school already this year.
  • A 5th grader in my room who last year asked for help every 5 minutes, not asking for help, but instead trying it himself and lighting up at his success.
  • 27 students who didn't really know each other create their own Animoto for their parents to see their hopes and wishes for my room.
  • 25 hands in the air all wanting to model the incorrect way of how to read to self.
  • A shy boy with little math success last year, raising his hand 3 times during math class and getting it right.
  • A 4th grade girl, who moved to our school after a person got shot on her block, subtracting 35 from 71 in her head.
  • 3 students telling me that so far I was not a disappointment and that I was their favorite teacher ever.
  • 2 parents emailing me that they do not care that I have 27 students in my room, they are not part of the petition to get another teacher added to my school to alleviate our high classroom sizes, since they believe in what I am doing.
  • Another student with autism letting me in a little by cracking his first joke to me.
  • Students letting down their guard and reaching out to new people even if they are not the same age.
  • Students asking me to please not tell their parents that Double Bubble Gum's flavor only lasts 4 minutes, thus making it the worst investment when buying bubble gum.
  • The students getting so excited about the Global Read Aloud project and studying the maps that we will mark when we connect with someone.
So no I did not survive the first week of school, I lived it to the fullest, eagerly anticipating many more days with these incredible kids.  Did you?


Hannah Winsnes said...

I like your perspective! It will help me in my teaching years to come.

Mr. Macdonald said...

This doesn't surprise me. Pernille, I have learned a lot from you and look forward to what I have still to learn. Thank you for your perspective. Way to thrive.

Mme Chiasson said...

What a wonderful way to look at your first week of school. I've heard it said that people who want something to go well will focus on the good points while those who expect failure will focus on what goes wrong. How much richer and more enjoyable your experience will be when focusing on what went right :) Very inspiring. Thank you.

ccampbel14 said...

I really appreciate your perspective. We have chosen this profession so it seems odd that we look at it as 'survival'. Makes me think of the expressions like teachers are on the 'front lines', in the 'trenches', etc. I used to say these things but not any more. We are on the same team, not enemies in battle. Thanks for your post.

Pam Thompson said...

How very refreshing to hear such positive reflections on a week in the classroom.

Jamie F (@fiteach) said...

Thank you for this post. It has inspired my own:

mbfxc said...

You are the real deal! Thank you for such a refreshing and positive post!

Mr. P. Collins said...

I love the 'relentlessly optimistic or just plain annoying' line.
I kind of feel like I'm one of those teachers that can be annoying to other teachers as I'm always positive and looking to try new things; it's nice to know others have this concern!
I'm so jealous you've already started school too - I have til the 5th Sep until I see my first ever class (just about to start my teacher training). Thank you for this post!

Aviva said...

I love your positive attitude! I haven't started back to school yet, but I've spent the day working at home today trying to get things ready, and I'm definitely excited to get back. What a great way to start the year! I look forward to reading many more "good news stories" from you!



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