Monday, July 5, 2010

A Promise to Me

Yes, summer has just started and yet I am already thinking ahead to the coming year, perhaps because I am unable to enter my classroom at the moment due to its newly waxed floors. So I plan and prep from home and meanwhile get more and more anxious/excited about the new year. This year is my 3rd year teaching and I am ready to shake things up so these are my promises to me.

I promise to not be bored. The last 2 years I have stuck to what my team members have taught and developed and it honestly made me complacent. The lessons are solid but not my style, so this year, I am doing it on my own; out with the old and in with the new. After all, if I am not excited about the lesson, how can I expect the students to be?

I promise to not be scared. I have many ideas screaming for attention and every year I take a cautious step with one or two of them. This year because of my PLN and its support I have 100's of ideas that all want to be tried. So I am going to try as many as I can without freaking out about the loss of control. So what if the lesson fails, at least I tried it.

I promise to be true to myself and reveal the techy geek I am. Sure, my students know that I like technology but not just how deep that love runs. So this year, we will make technology work for us. No more using computers just to type on, I am ready to get them sucked into the world of innovation just as I have been.

I promise to be quiet and listen, well sometimes anyway. When you have a lot of ideas like I do it can be hard to not want to share them.In fact, I can be like that annoying lapdog that barks and barks until you pet it. I have learned the hard way that sometimes people don't want to hear about new ideas, and although confounding to me, I have to accept it. So I am not going to throw my ideas in someone's face but try to entice them to come to me instead.

I promise to have more fun. Being a new mom and a new teacher can feel like you are carrying the weight of the world. But you’re not, you just feel like it. So I promise to loosen up a bit, not get so freaked out by deadlines, and continue to joke around with my students. After all, it is your personality that might just make them listen to you.

I promise to embrace the year no matter what it brings. I love to control everything; maybe that is why I am a teacher. So this will be the year that I learn to trust my students more and let them take some of the control. This is supposed to be a learning journey that we embark on, not a down-to-the-minute planned march.


Joan Young (aka Mancini) said...

I love this post! Your reflections and promises are ones I can completely relate to. I look forward to hearing more of your journey along the way. Thanks for sharing.

Justin said...

You have some great energy and positivity!

You are so true about having the support from an online PLN. It makes it so easy to learn, reflect, and try out new things, and even fail. I'm in the same boat at times with my team. They are great teachers, but not necessarily into the same styles and methods as me.

Best wishes for planning and prep over the summer!

- @newfirewithin

Mrs Ripp aka 4thGrdTeach said...

Thank you for your kind comments. This whole journey on Twitter has just been such an incredible ride and has made me want to re-look at where I stand as an educator. I make promises to my kids and my school every day, so why not to myself?

This si where we can meet and share and start the rings of positivity.

learning4life said...

As much as I try, I can NOT take a break from thinking of school or planning projects for my grade 4 class. Sometimes I think--why even try to rechannel my brain to other activities? I love my job and have recently discovered the joys of collaboration via skype and kidblog with teachers around the world. However, I also know that I spend a LOT of time on my laptop reading, learning and searching for ideas that will improve my teaching. Sometimes I feel that the amount of time I spend thinking about my job is excessive. I am wondering, have you found that twitter and your blog has channelled your time and made you more efficient?

Mrs Ripp aka 4thGrdTeach said...

What a great question! Twitter has completely revolutionized my time management. I am not searching the web at odd hours looking for inspiration but rather speaking to my PLN instead. Through Twitter I have also discovered amazing blogs that continue to inspire me and challenge me. I feel this has streamlined the time I use online so that it is much more valuable and useful.

I am not good at taking summer off either, in fact, I work way too much. Just like you, I love my job and so I am constantly thinking about it. I have promised myself though to not try to bring as much as the stress and negative issues home this coming school year. I have also promised myself to really be more in the moment when my daughter and husband are around. When you have so many people to possibly connect with on Twitter, you don't want to miss out on anything, however, you end up missing out on your world right in front of you. Such a balancing act.


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